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 PTFE Ladder Ring factory
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Inviato il 26/07/2019 :  10:47:32  Visualizza profilo  Rispondi includendo il Messaggio originale
1、Gsf Ptfe Glyd Ring Introduction
With height-diameter ratio 1:2, PTFE cascade ring is improved on the basis of short raschig ring and pall ring, and designed with tapered flange at one end to reduce resistance of gas flowing through the bed and increase throughput and packing intensity.

2、Product characteristics
· Superior endurance in corrosion
· Superior endurance in seasonal change
· Non-flammable, limited oxygen index is under 90.
· Low friction coefficient
· Non-viscous
· Superior endurance in high & low temperature, can be used -190 to 260°C.
· High electricity insulation
· High electricity resistance coefficient
· Self-lubricating
· Atmospheric aging resistance
· Radiation-resistant properties and low permeability
3、Product application
It is used as contact packing for medium/low temperature (60-150℃) stripping, absorption and washing tower, CO2 degassing tower, ozone contact reaction tower and other reaction towers in petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, coal gas and environmental protection industries.
a.Factory outlets
b. Easy to install
c. Durable: 20 years guarantee
d. European standard and OEM services
e. Casement windows and doors are available
f. Durable, applied and secure
PTFE Ladder Ring factory

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