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 Intelligent Dielectric Loss Tester
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Inviato il 15/06/2022 :  03:37:00  Visualizza profilo  Rispondi includendo il Messaggio originale

The Intelligent dielectric loss tester also applies to the measurement of tgδ and electrical capacity of high voltage electrical equipments in the workshops, laboratories and research institutes.

It could measure non-grounded or grounded high voltage equipments adopting positive and negative connection method. Besides, it could measure the tgδ of capacitor voltage transformer and capacitance of main capacitor C1and C2.

Main Specifications:

Control panel: printer, keyboard, indicator and communication transferring.

Variable frequency power supply: SPWM switching circuit is adopted to generate and output high-power sine wave stable voltage.

Step-up transformer: the output of variable frequency power supply is stepped up to the measuring voltage. The maximum reactive power output is 2KVA/one minute.

Standard capacitor: internal Cn. It is the measuring basis.

Cn current detection: it is used to detect the internal standard capacitor current, 10μA ~ 1A. The input resistance is <2Ω.

Cx positive connection current detection: it is only used for the measurement of positive connection, 10μA ~ 1A. The input resistance is <2Ω.

Cx negative connection current detection: it is only used for the measurement of negative connection, 10μA ~ 1A. The input resistance is <2Ω.

Negative connection digital isolation communication: precision MPPM digital modem is adopted to transmit the current signal of negative connection to the low voltage side. The isolation voltage is 20KV.


1.The connection mode should be based on the installation of equipment. Corresponding connection mode should be selected in the menu option.

2. The testing voltage level should be selected according to different equipment and the desired voltage should be selected in the corresponding menu option.

3.Under the special circumstances of endangering safety during the testing, the main power supply could be switched off.

4. The connection mode could be changed or the work is done after the power switch on the panel is switched off and the 220V test power is disconnected. If the equipment needs to be retested, you can press the “reset” or select repeat after the completion of previous testing.

5. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy, it is vital to guarantee the good insulation of low-voltage terminal (or secondary terminal) of the equipment and it should be tested in the environment with low relative humidity especially if the small loss of specimen with small capacitance.

6. When making the testing of specimen with large capacitance, the grounding of the instrument and the specimen should not be in the same place to prevent the reverse breakdown voltage or traveling waves which may affect the safety of the instrument.

7. The step-up device is available in the instrument. It is necessary to be careful about the insulation distance of high voltage lead and personnel safety.

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