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 Three-channel DC Resistance Tester
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Inviato il 15/06/2022 :  03:30:59  Visualizza profilo  Rispondi includendo il Messaggio originale description:

To satisfy the requirement for quick measurement of DC resistance of transformer, our Company has developed three-channel, DC resistance tester aiming at YN connection winding. The tester can fulfill functions such as simultaneous energization on three phases, independent current sampling, voltage sampling, as well as simultaneous measurement and display of three-phase resistance value and three-phase unbalance rate, thus can significantly reduce test time for DC resistance of transformer, solve the problem of long test duration for DC resistance of each tapped winding of electric power transformer. It requires only 1/3 of the time required by traditional method.

Technical index:

1. Output current: select current automatically (maximum 20 A)

2. Range ability: 0-100 Ω

3. Accuracy: 0.2%20-100 Ω

4. Minimum resolution: 0.1 μΩ

5. Working temperature: -20-40℃

6. Ambient humidity: ≤80%RH, no condensation

7. Working power supply: AC220 V10%, 50 Hz1 Hz

8. Volume: L 400 mm*W 340 mm*H 195 mm

9. Net weight: 8 kg

Three-channel DC resistance tester


1. The instrument has big current output and can select current automatically; convenient for operation.

2. Three-channel measurement, real time collection, simultaneous measuring of three resistance values and calculating three-phase resistance unbalance degree.

3. Not only able to measure three phases simultaneously, but also able to measure with single channel as traditional method; possessing temperature conversion function, convenient for use.

4. Possessing perfect protective circuit which is highly reliable.

5. Built-in calendar clock, 500 sets of data storage, retrieval and printing function.

6. Be able to set printing information such as phase sequence and tapping position of resistance.

7. Industrial plastic shell case with light weight; convenient for carrying.

8. Possessing audio discharging alarm with clear discharging indication to reduce misoperation.

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