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 Intelligent Loop Resistance Tester
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Inviato il 20/05/2022 :  04:00:14  Visualizza profilo  Rispondi includendo il Messaggio originale description:

Intelligent loop resistance tester is ergonomically designed, in line with operating practices, use high-frequency switching power supplies and digital circuit technology for measuring the contact resistance of the circuit switch control device. Test current is DC 100A. In the case of DC 100A can be directly measured contact resistance test result with a large-screen LCD display, and with data storage, print, time settings and other functions, and another gear 50A for user selection; custom test time, maximum 599S, much larger than the standard requirements of 60S; resolution 0.01μΩ and very stable. Meet the power; the electricity sector on-site high voltage switch maintenance and high-voltage switch factory contact resistance testing requirements.

Technical index:

1. Measurement range: 0~2999.9μΩ

2. Resolution: 0~99.99, 0.01μΩ

100.0~2999.9, 0.1μΩ

3. Measured current: DC 50A, 100A, fixed output.

4. Accuracy : ±(0.5% rd+2d)

5. Continuous working time: 5s~599s

6. Display :LCD

7. Communication mode: USB

8. Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz

9. Power of the whole machine:600W

10. Maximum storage record: 200

11. Service conditions: temperature- 10℃~40℃ humidity≤80 %RH

12. Dimension: 360×300×250 mm3

13. Weight: 8kg (the accessories not included)

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