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 SFRA Transformer Winding Test Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer
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Product Name:SFRA Transformer Winding Test Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer
Product Description:
ZX-BRY02 Transformer Winding Deformation Tester adopts the internal fault frequency response analysis (FRA) method that is currently being developed by developed countries in the world based on the measurement of the characteristic parameters of the internal windings of the transformer, which can make accurate judgments on the internal faults of the transformer.
After the transformer is designed and manufactured, its coil and internal structure are determined. Therefore, for a multi-winding transformer coil, if the voltage level is the same and the winding method is the same, the corresponding parameters (Ci, Li) of each coil should be Is ok. Therefore, the frequency domain characteristic response of each coil is also determined, and the frequency spectrum of the corresponding three-phase coils is comparable.
The transformer turns and phases short circuit during the test, or collision occurs during transportation, which causes the relative displacement of the coil, and the deformation of the coil due to electromagnetic tension in the short circuit and fault state during operation will cause the distribution parameters of the transformer winding Changes. In turn, it affects and changes the original frequency domain characteristics of the transformer, that is, the amplitude change of the frequency response and the shift of the resonance frequency point. The transformer winding tester developed based on the response analysis method is such a novel non-destructive testing equipment for transformer internal faults. It is suitable for the internal structure fault detection of 63kV~500kV power transformers.
This instrument quantifies the response changes of the transformer internal winding parameters in different frequency domains, and determines the degree of change of the transformer internal windings according to the magnitude of the change, the amplitude of the frequency response change, the area and the trend of the frequency response change , And then can judge whether the transformer has been severely damaged and whether it needs to be overhauled according to the measurement result.
Regarding the transformer in operation, regardless of whether the frequency domain characteristic map is saved in the past, the degree of fault can also be judged by comparing the difference in the characteristic map between the faulty transformer coils. Of course, if a set of original winding characteristic diagrams of the transformer is kept, it is easier to provide a more powerful basis for the transformer's operating status, post-accident analysis, and maintenance.
This instrument is composed of a laptop computer and a single-chip high-precision measurement system. It has a compact structure, simple operation, and a relatively complete test and analysis function. It can be operated and used by itself according to the instruction manual or after short-term training.
Product Website:
Company Description
Wuhan GuoDianZhongXing Electrical Power Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Address:HubeiHubeiWuhanDonghuNo 2, Guannan 4th Road, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China
Descption:Wuhan GDZX Power Equipment Co.,ltd , Ltd is located in DongHu High Technology Development Zone, Wuhan City, People's Republic of China. The company established in 2012 and the factory area 6000 square meters. "Quality, Honesty and service first" is the company belief.
Registered Capital:100
Wuhan GuoDianZhongXing Electrical Power Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Company Website:
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