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 Cooling Dehumidifier
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Product Name:Cooling Dehumidifier
Product Description:
Cooling Dehumidifier priniciple : The warm and humid air is drawn in from the room, and the air flows through the evaporator (dehumidifier) coil to reduce the air temperature to below the dew point. Condensate is formed on the evaporator coil, which is discharged through the drain pipe and dried after treatment. The cold air (fresh air is added) is sent back to the room, and the indoor air is cooled and circulated continuously, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and dehumidification.
Product Website:
Company Description
Hangzhou Duokai Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:ZheJiangZheJiangHangZhouYuhangNO.530 XingGuo Road, Yuhang Economic and Technological Development District, HangZhou, ZheJiang, China
Descption:Hangzhou Duokai Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and located in Hangzhou city. We specialize in researching, manufacturing and marketing of air-related and refrigeration products, mainly focus on dehumidifier, humidifier and portable air conditioner.
Registered Capital:500
Hangzhou Duokai Technology Co.,Ltd
Company Website:
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