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 Intelligent Tg Dielectric Loss Tester

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The Intelligent Tg dielectric loss tester is equipped with high voltage step-up transformer. Besides, it takes security measures like zero-cross closing, lightning protection, etc. During the experiment, different levels of high voltage ranging from 0.5KV to 10kV are outputted. The instrument has the advantages of convenient and safe operation.

Technical index:

The Intelligent Tg dielectric loss tester has: printer, keyboard, indicator and communication transmission.

Detect internal standard capacitor current: 10μA~1A

Positive connection measurement: 10μA~1A

Amount of negative connection side: 10μA~1A

Side volume range: 0.001%<tgδ<100%

Power supply: AC 220V10%50/601Hz

Application conditions: -15℃-50℃ relative humidity <80%


This product is a fully automatic and high-precision measuring instrument. The instrument is equipped with a high-voltage step-up transformer, and measures such as cross closing and lightning protection are adopted.


1. After the starting of the instrument, except in special circumstances, the power is not allowed to be turned off suddenly to avoid the over-voltage which may destroy the equipment.

2. Although the HVx special high-voltage wire equipped with the instrument is made factory inspection, it still should be far away from human beings and low-voltage test line. Both the high-voltage core and high-voltage shielding cable are not allowed to be grounded and contact with the low potential of the testing circuit. The core and shielding cable of Cx input line are not allowed to contact with part with high-voltage.

3. The instrument should be protected from the moisture and excessive vibration.

4. The different frequency should be adopted for measuring if the result cannot be confirmed measured by Single frequency with too much interferences. Otherwise, Single frequency should

5. If the measurement result cannot be shown long time (1 min) after sending out the measurement instruction, it may be caused by large capacitance of the specimen or crashing of the instrument. You need to restart the instrument, reduce the measurement voltage and make measurement.

6. The instrument has automatic protection feature if it has short circuit.

7. If the paper is extended out from the paper exit on the top of the printer, you need to press the button to stop it. The printing paper could be pulled out.

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